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Meet our members and learn a little about them and their Corvettes!


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Roger Suarez-Solis

2008 Coupe 

Miami Fl.

Roger is an Insurance & H.R. Professional

Frank and Nancy Jacobs

1962 Convertible, 1967 Coupe, and 2002 Z06 Hardtop

Miami Fl.

Frank and Nancy are both retired. Nancy is very active in her church while Frank enjoys tinkering with his cars, competing in endurance races and paddle boarding.

Gus and Elva Sirven

1981 Coupe 

Key Largo Fl.

Gus is a Father with 4 kids and 1 granddaughter.   Gus works at FedEx as an International Sales Specialist.  Elva works at Nichlaus Children's Hospital in Radiology.  They like traveling and spending time with their kids.  Gus likes to tinker with cars and restoring them.

George Young

C7 Coupe 

Miami Fl.

George is happily retired.

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